Business Solutions

Many artists believe they will be discovered and someone will take care of their entire business and everything associated with it – normally this is an unrealistic fantasy.  

This does happen to artists from time to time, but one of the most important things artists can do to develop their career, is to have a sound business strategy – it is essential for the artist to succeed.

Competition in the art market is fierce and highly competitive. Here are some (US) facts to ponder:


“the art of ART…”

  •         4.4 million active artists
  •         3.2 million recreational artists
  •         1.9 million recreational artists sold their artworks (60%)
  •         600,000 professional artists
  1. How is your strategy different from all of the other artists you are competing against?
  2. What are you doing to separate your artwork from your competition?


  1. Great idea to Promete ART.Congratulations

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