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Irene Sagmeister

  Irene creates paintings and sculptures in her own right and expressiveness. In the current period of creativity she deals intensively with sensual body shapes. There are sculptures with erotic touch . Elaborately and individually tailored mirror glass parts are a central part of any sculpture. Her own handwriting leaves the artist in dealing with shapes […]

Evelyn Walg

Evelyn Walg was born in Belgium to Dutch parents. Because of the war and anti-semitic expressions in Europe, her parents escaped to Spain with the intention of travelling to the Dutch Island of Curacao, but due to circumstances, they had as final destination Caracas, Venezuela where Walg lived most of her life. In school, at the […]

Barbara Rosenzweig

LINE, COLOR, SURFACE The interrelationship and complexity within line, color and surface is the subject and content of my work. This work is the response to questions that I ask myself not only when I begin each painting but during its entire process until fruition. These questions are really at the core of what drives […]

Elena Bulatova

Yale alumnus, graduate of Moscow State University with honors and golden medal.  Born in Russia, Elena Bulatova is a multi-media artist who is continuously discovering and creating. Paintings of Elena Bulatova are included in the book “International Contemporary Masters  Volume VII” presenting the work of artists and trends in art all over the world. She is […]

Pedro Avila Gendis

Pedro Avila Gendis is a Cuban abstractionist painter of rock-solid professional formation, with an abundant work and a highly-achieved esthetic proposal. However, its stance in the insular artistic scene is discreet, let alone unrecognized. Pedro Avila Gendis’ painting could arouse a diversity of receptiveness. That’s how much suggestive and suggesting it really is. Dynamic in […]

Anabel Rub Peicher

ANABEL RUB PEICHER – was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Miami in 1979. As a designer, she has participated in the American Red Cross Designers’ Show House of Broward County in 2007 and 2008. “There are moments in the day and moments in […]

Stephanie Bloom

STEPHANIE BLOOM – born in Brooklyn, New York and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Stephanie is a business owner and a textile stylist – her art has been shown in Art Basel, at the Onishi Museum, across Europe, and her art is in display at the Rockford Museum. “Photography allows me to create an […]

Hector Maldonado

HECTOR MALDONADO – Born and raised in Puerto Rico USA Héctor Maldonado is a Miami-based artist (Bachelor’s F.A. (Cum Laude) – Minor in Literature, 1993; Master’s F.A., 1997). Maldonado is involved in Miami’s artistic scene and is passionate about the creative energy blossoming in it. The rising career of Héctor Maldonado has achieved its first […]

Maggy Aguirre

MAGGY AGUIRRE – Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Maggie found her passion in art watching her architect dad work on projects with vibrant colors and her mother work with vibrant stained glass. Watching her father excel in his profession while overcoming daltonism or protanopia – a color-blindness condition resulting from insensitivity to red light, causing confusion […]