Irene Sagmeister


Irene creates paintings and sculptures in her own right and expressiveness. In the current period of creativity she deals intensively with sensual body shapes. There are sculptures with erotic touch . Elaborately and individually tailored mirror glass parts are a central part of any sculpture. Her own handwriting leaves the artist in dealing with shapes and colors and thus make more clear and powerful a genuine insight into her sensitive and imaginative nature possible.

The objects of Irene Sagmeister life. Any small change in the environment , any change of light leads to new forms and statements. Solid matter is brought to life in this way. Each object is unique, which develops through the play of light , lines and shapes in the interplay of its own dynamic site.

The sculptures and paintings by Irene exist for clearly defined object elements. The allocation in the context of pop art is certainly true for most viewers . The southern atmosphere of her studio , away from the hustle and bustle, the soft, magical light in the hills of Southern Piedmont, inspires the senses and sets her creativity as an artist no limits.

“Art is my personal language to open my mind and transfer my deepest feelings. For me it is always a fantastic process creating something new, personal and unique. That is what I call “I the language of art” – I love living, feeling and speaking this most universal language.

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