Anabel Rub Peicher

Passion Flowers - 16_1

ANABEL RUB PEICHER – was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Miami in 1979. As a designer, she has participated in the American Red Cross Designers’ Show House of Broward County in 2007 and 2008.

“There are moments in the day and moments in our lives that we see beyond the usual. Anabel’s Anabelsculptures are examples of an artist achieving this goal. She utilizes the elements of design to create aesthetic order. The results are a sculptor who demonstrates her ability to dominate a variety of mediums; therefore the natural beauty of the media is not destroyed. She demonstrates control of technique, with a wonderful sense of line and form. I am delighted to have watched her develop her control over a variety of media. Anabel is an artist of remarkable productivity and distinction.”
Salvatore Zagami

“I believe in respecting nature and human beings. I strive to spread kindness, happiness, compassion, and peace to mankind. Through art, I express my feelings…I challenge myself to create novel pieces of art and encourage individuals to become assertive and empower themselves and eradicate injustice and abuse on earth…”


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