Hector Maldonado

Hector Maldonado

HECTOR MALDONADO – Born and raised in Puerto Rico USA

Héctor Maldonado is a Miami-based artist (Bachelor’s F.A. (Cum Laude) – Minor in Literature, 1993; Master’s F.A., 1997). Maldonado is involved in Miami’s artistic scene and is passionate about the creative energy blossoming in it.

The rising career of Héctor Maldonado has achieved its first great institutional backing with the current exhibition at the Museo las Américas of a comprehensive compendium of his oeuvre under the suggestive title Welcome Home. It may be stated that with the project, the young promising artist enjoys an attempt at an early retrospective, and those of us who have been close to his work know that there are no few reasons for this. It was important to disseminate a work gestated in Miami and which has become increasingly solid, situating Maldonado as one of the main Puerto Rican artists of his generation, in Puerto Rico. Mainly because his stay in North American soil and specifically in a market characterized by multiculturalism, nurtures the already recognized plurality of resources of an artist who is faithful to his origins, but who does not elude the negotiations on identity so inherent in contemporary displacements.

“Extract from the review above, conducted by Jesus Rosado from the magazine Arte al Dia International (International Magazine of Contemporary Latin American Art) Issue 137, pages. 122-123.”

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