Evelyn Walg

Evelyn Walg

Evelyn Walg was born in Belgium to Dutch parents. Because of the war and anti-semitic expressions in Europe, her parents escaped to Spain with the intention of travelling to the Dutch Island of Curacao, but due to circumstances, they had as final destination Caracas, Venezuela where Walg lived most of her life.

In school, at the age of 11 she met her first painting teacher, the Catalan painter Miguel Renom, who opened for her a door to the kingdom of creativity. His encouragement and support have been crucial in forming her great interest in art. When Evelyn was twelve, she won the first prize in an art competition at her school and the prize was an invitation to present it in the National Art Gallery in Caracas. This event was a boost to Walg’s artistic development. Her second painting teacher, a few years later, was the Belgium artist Marcella Haye.

Evelyn Walg

Walg learned Interior Design and graduated at Centro Artistico Villasmil de Leon which at that time was affiliated to Chicago School of Interior Design. She had her own company and was successful for many years as an Interior Designer in Caracas.

Evelyn Walg married in Caracas and the couple was blessed with 3 children and 8 grandchildren. In the year 2000 her children decided to move from Venezuela to Miami. As her husband had just died, she decided to join her children in Miami where she has lived the last ten years. In Miami she joined the “Miami Art League” under the expert direction of the painter Joseph Davoli.

Evelyn Walg

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