A Numerous Lineup of International Artists To Exhibit at IBAEM 2013


Miami, Florida , (May11, 2013)- Next month, from June 6th to 14th, 2013 the Miami Iron Side will be hosting the second edition of an international artists’ showcase entitled “International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, IBAEM” an event endorsed by t he City of Miami through its Arts & Entertainment Council. 

Produced by the nascent Key Biscayne-based company, The Art Marketing Mind, LLC., the 7-day IBAEM & Auction will exhibit the work of 74 emerging and mid-career artists from Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dubai, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Russia, United States and Venezuela exhibiting painting, photography, sculpture, installation and performance.

Back in the early 1990’s and throughout various world capitals, there was a surge in art biennials that emerged as a concept of mega exhibitions taking place every two years which developed within the art fair age and became a center for urban entertainment where the focus of art went from major art spaces to other locations and venues. In Miami, the organizers for this show used the Italian word biennale as a noun to describe a large art exhibition to be held annually in June and presented throughout the city’s most unique exhibition spaces.

In January, the original founder of the International Biennale Artists Group, Elisha Ben Yitzhak along with Maria Napoles and Tata Fernandez visited the Miami City Hall to receive an official endorsement from the City of Miami Mayor, Tomas Regalado.

“I’m thrilled that Miami has become a hub for the arts throughout the year and this second edition will be adding installation, performance and a special project with the auction benefiting the Arts & Entertainment Council,” said Tata Fernandez, VP of the Art Marketing Mind.

The organization and selection of artwork arranged for the show has been framed within a broad theme entitled “Coexistence of Traditional and Modern Values in Contemporary Society” lead by   Vero Beach-based curator Silvia Medina and creatively displayed by ethical designer Luis Valenzuela.
Medina was a member of the scholastic team that inaugurated the Wifredo Lam Institute in Havana, under the guidance of the First Havana Biennale Curators and she also directed the prestigious Sala Mendoza in Caracas, Venezuela.

Using the power of the web through the high traffic generated by one of Miami’s leading blogs, WHATSUPMIAMI-WUM and whose editor is spending a 3-month stay reporting throughout Europe, IBAEM’s organizers aim to promote artists using the Magic City’s renown reputation and appeal as a cosmopolitan U.S. city for the arts.

IBAEM 2013 Inaugural Night  Photos by Leticia del Monte

“Our mission is to showcase in innovating venues the work by emerging artists that don’t have formal gallery representation so they can be in the spotlight of the visual arts in South, Central, East and West of the State of Florida,” said Maria Napoles, President of the Art Marketing Mind.
Participating artists for IBAEM 2013 are: Adam Mielu Pakurar, Alberto Rubinstein, Alicia H. Torres, Anabel Rub Peicher, Anastasia Gorskaya, Andrea Difiore, Anica Shpilberg, Antonio Cortes Rolon, Araceli Salcedo, Barbara Rosenzweig, Beatriz&Beatrice, Belina Sierraalta, Bernadette Despujols, Carlos Jairran, Carlos Jose Tirado Yepes, Carlos Vallejo, Carmen del Carpio, Carolina Rojas, Cecilia del Toro, Cecilia Rivera, Charles Raele, Clau Cebrian, Danny Hughes, Elena Bulatova, Elisha Ben-Yitzhak, Emilio Hector Rodriguez, Fabiola Osorio, Farnaz Tahbaz, Felizitas Wermes, Flora Edwards, Fundacion UMA, Gaby Grobo, Irene Sagmeister, Jaap Jaapkore, Jabbar Farshbaf, Janinne Alter, JAZZI Jasmine Schofill Nuss, Jaime Ferreyros, Jose Garcias Chibarro, Jose Luis Cabrera, Jose Oscar Torres, Jose Ricardo Pinto, Juliana Aragao, Juliana Ferreyros, Katrin Alvarez, Lina Linkimer, Luis Fernandez “lugufelo”, Maby Rod, Magaly Otaola, Maggy Aguirre, Malena Assing, Malena Peon, Maria Carballo, Maria Fernanda Lairet, Marl Rod, Maureen Graves, Nancy Martini, Nataliya Yustitskaya, Niurka Barroso, Oswaldo Sandoval, Patricia Secco, Patrizia Manzini, Pavel-Miguel Jimenez-Alfonso, Ramon Aular, Raquel Rub, Rhaisa Castrodad, Shawn Man, Stephanie Bloom, Suzette Urs, Taisiya Naumovich, Takako Kodani, Teresa Neal, Toshiko Nishikawa, Yulia Altas and Joey Diaz.

About Art Marketing Mind

Founded in June 2012 by Maria Napoles and Tata Fernandez. For more than a decade, Maria Napoles has been involved in the Miami art scene, first working as a General Manager for Arte al Dia International Magazine, and later as a Senior Sales Director for Art Districts Magazine.

In 2008, Napoles was named Executive Director for arteamericas and last year she worked as a consultant for the first edition of IBAEM that took place at LMNT in Wynwood. Tata Fernandez began working as an art marketing specialist for Artists Consultant LLC from 2008 to 2011; in October 2011, as a co-owner and Director of Sales & Marketing, Fernandez inaugurated the first  waterfront gallery in Midtown, Nina Torres Fine Art @ 1800 Gallery launching an international artist exhibition.

 Maria Napoles and Tata Fernandez

Tata Fernandez & Maria Napoles with Cuban painte Cesar Santos  during inaugural  night of  Nina Torres Fine Art @ 1800

In June 2012, she worked as a media sponsor and collaborator for the first edition of IBAEM and partnered with Napoles to begin a fruitful partnership that launched during Art Basel Week 2012, a collective exhibition organized and produced by The Art Marketing Mind in a section of Red Dot Art Fair. In January 2013, the art marketing company helped promote and market “INCOGNITO” the first fundraiser of the year at the Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art.


Founded in 2009 by Florida International University alumnus, Jesus Rojas Torres, M.S. ’05, to promote and publicize local emergent artists WHATSUPMIAMI,WUM has turned into an online journal for the arts using BLOGGER as a platform to communicate artists’ exhibitions and international art fairs.

Rojas Torres began his involvement in the Miami art scene in 2006 when he inaugurated Leiter Gallery as co-owner along with Sinuhe Vega Leiter and Ben Abounassif. In 2008, he incorporated Eclectic Network Inc., producing small independent shows in Wynwood and the following year, he
launched his career as a blogger writing for La Columna de Jesus and WHATSUPMIAMI. In 2010, he began writing for Clarity Media Group’s Examiner.com as Miami Gallery Art Museum Examiner and Miami Spirituality.

In 2011, the International Fine Art Expositions invited WUM as an exhibitor and media sponsor for MIA International Art Fair which skyrocketed his career as an international blogger that began in November 2011 covering Shanghai Art Fair and in May 2012 for Art Shanghai in China. As an internationalist and journalist, Rojas Torres also writes for the bilingual positive-thinking blog “The Spiritual Journalist.” From March to July 2013, Rojas Torres is traveling throughout Europe covering international art fairs and gallery exhibitions.

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