Carolina Rojas

Carolina Rojas Global Man Series 1 2013 Fiberglas 96 x 32 x 45

My artwork is intended to create the awareness of how diverse we are physically but also how alike we are emotionally.

p1401347674-11My main focus is in the interaction of cultures; so the style of my pieces reflects this. In my work I deconstruct the figure to create an “It” not man or woman, not black or white.

Every day I connect with people moving from one part of the world to another, so their faces and culture just merge into my thoughts. This entity is a mix of cultures in one figure.

The mediums that I use are: bronze, resin, fiberglass and wood. My favorite is bronze. Working with bronze requires a very high degree of patience and skill to achieve your goals of a finished piece.

I want people to see my pieces and imagine: “Where did they come from?” “What does this piece want to say?”” Does it look like me?” “What is it thinking?” I want to amuse them and make them think about what makes us different, but at the same time so alike. Create a conscious and appreciate a different view of cultural awareness.


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