Takako Kodani

galeria_miradas_3-12Born in Fukui, Japan.
Lives in a suburb of Caracas ,Venezuela since 1977.

Since early age, she was fond of painting but could not attend formal art school due to her poor health. She and her mother got tuberculosis due to contaminated milk bought at the black market, as a result of the food shortage prevalent after World War II.

Having recuperated her health completely, and graduated from college in Osaka, she decided to continue her studies in the United States. Once completed that stage, she moved to Venezuela.

She has participated in numerous group ans solo exhibitions in Venezuela, as well as internationally in places like Washington DC, Philadelphia, Panama and Tokyo.

Takako Kodani, offers a personal view of her continuous search to express the fusion of the western and oriental worlds through her paintings, whether a simple touch of lines, enigmatic and suggestive looks or an exploratory perspective of the oriental mystic.

There is nothing like allowing yourself to flow on a sheet of paper.
It channels the wonderful energy of stress
and it emerges as totally unexpected and radiant art…

Takako Kodani



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