Two Spanish brothers, Benjamin and Eduardo Camp, together with a third partner, Evaristo Álvarez, were to embark on an exciting adventure. To create the smoothest, highest-quality rum that has ever been enjoyed. They opened a distillery, inspired by the production and aging process used for brandy and cognac, creating a carefully guarded secret formula that has been passed down through generations. Thus Matusalem Rum was born in Santiago de Cuba. Some 140 years later, the name continues to be recognized around the world as a symbol of quality and excellence.

Today, Matusalem Rum is produced in the Dominican Republic. Matusalem’s master blenders are all descendants of the original founders, and are experts in the centuries old technique of solera blending. In the solera blending process, barrels of rum representing different stages in the maturation process are blended to create the desired unique blend.


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